It starts with a seed


The cycle does not work without water

The seed does not grow without care

The hot, dry air deters both caretaker and seed

They must OVERCOME

Because what remains if they don’t?

Brown, crumbly leaves

Nothing to harvest today

You dropped the ball

WE dropped the ball


There’s a live on

From the ruins comes life

In the form of a single, ripe tomato

Save seed, resow


This time we BEAT THE HEAT

This time WE CARE

We smile as the fruits of our labor ripen

Cucumbers, zucchini, tomatillos, broccoli, beets, kale, cantaloupe, cherries—mmmmmm CHERRIES, watermelon, butternut squash…

And not just one, but a BUSHEL of ripe tomatoes

Tonight, we feast

We toast our resiliency

We do so without ego

For tomorrow the cycle starts again


This time the movement takes shape

As our seed collection grows, so too does our community

We sow our newly acquired seed of knowledge in the mind of a friend; a neighbor; a willing, complete stranger

And we care as collective consciousness


It grows until another comes to harvest

And we CARE

And we SOW

And we GROW